9th September 2017 at 10:50 am

Utopia is a poem by Sailee Brahme

I was travelling in a crowded bus at 7 pm,
But nobody even accidentally pushed or touched me.
I got off and started walking.
Took a lonely path but I did not keep glancing over my shoulder.

A group of men came from the opposite direction
But my muscles did not tense.
I did not find the need to hold on to my bag or adjust my clothing.
I walked carefree
Not having to lower my eyes or slouch.

I sat on the street bench looking for my cell
When a stranger approached, asked if I needed help and also offered me his phone.
“May I drop you home? “He asked.
And a million unsafe thoughts did not rush into my head.

I did not have to worry about men lurking in the shadows
Or about how I was dressed.
He picked up another friend on the way.
Not once did I wonder-“where are they taking me?”

He dropped me home
Without any inquisitive questions.
“Thank you so very much.”
“Oh not a problem. Hope you find your phone. Good bye.”

And that was it. Just some sincere help from a fellow citizen.

Although only in an ideal world,
I did feel safe for one evening.