The Curious Case of Social Media

4th September 2016 at 4:50 pm

Life without social media has become nearly impossible for today’s generation! Since the advent of “the Smartphone era”, mobile apps have kept people glued to their screens even while on transit. It is interesting to note the difference of what these social apps originally intended to do and how differently people use them today.

What Google Play store defines Facebook as?

Keeping up with friends is faster than ever.
See what friends are up to & Share updates, photos and videos
Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts
Play games and use your favorite apps

Curious Case of Facebook Users:

Case 1: Like Cravers (LC)

These people continuously check for no. of likes on their pictures, posts or statuses like it is a ticking time bomb and there is no tomorrow. They wear the number of likes as a badge of honor.

Friend: Dude! Superb pic! You are looking good.
LC       : Thanks boss! It was just a random picture. Did you like it or not?

Case 2: Thanks Givers (TG)

They make it a point to thank people for everything, every time, everywhere. If people commit the sin of commenting saying nice pic, lovely pic, superb etc. for their profile picture, TGs start a thanksgiving ceremony.

Thanks @commenter_name_1
Thanks @commenter_name_2

Thanks @commenter_name_N
where N tends to infinity

Case 3: Pic raisers (PR)

They comment or like their own pic/post after a long time so that it re-appears in feed and gains new likes and comments. They update their profile picture, not with a new one but with the current picture or an older profile picture. Friends get an update saying PR updated his/her profile picture and PRs expect new likes and comments.

Case 4: Taggers (TR)

Tag all their friends to their pictures. You may think that it is a common practice to tag all the people present in a picture. However, this is the case of a solo picture like a selfie. Some go overboard where they tag friends to their honeymoon pictures. Hilarious!

Case 5: Status Leech (SL)

Every activity has to be a status update. Pictures speak for themselves!

If Facebook had a mind of its own and got a chance to react:

Mark! I cannot take this anymore. Purge me!

What Google Play store defines WhatsApp as?

WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging app available for Android and other smartphones.

Curious Case of WhatsApp Users:

Case 1: Thanks Givers (TG)

This mob has carried their legacy to WhatsApp too. Thanksgiving process is common in groups especially for birthdays. They are hell bent on killing your smartphone battery. Unlock your smartphone after 5 min and find 100+ messages saying thank you.

To make things worse, they even check for who wished them and who did not. Only one person in the group remembers birthdays and his/her wish leads to a tsunami of wishes.Happppppppyyyyyyyyyyyy Bdayyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy followed by creative use of emoticons.

Case 2: Status and Profile updaters

They seem to be so busy that they prefer to keep their friends updated through their statuses. Though WhatsApp recommends statuses like “AVAILABLE, BUSY, AT SCHOOL, AT MOVIES, AT WORK, CAN’T TALK, IN A MEETING etc., they express their feelings here instead through STOLEN quotes.

A new trend has started where people wish their friends through status updates. They even Celebrate Fathers day, Mothers day, Teachers day etc. They make it a point to change profile picture according to the status. For instance, father’s day – pic with father, mother’s day – pic with mother plus the usual stolen quotes. The same people mysteriously forget important days like World AIDS day – may be a pic with a patient and so on. We are just saying!

Case 3: Last Seen CIDs

If we look at their message and do not reply ASAP, they start to complain that you are ignoring all their messages! All thanks to the dreaded blue double ticks & last seen updates.

Case 4: Screen shooters

They are the dangerous lot! They take screenshots of intimate messages, you know may be for future use best suited to them!

Case 5: The Show-offs

Show off their knowledge in a particular field like cricket though most of the remaining group members are not even remotely interested.

Had fun reading? So which category do you belong to?