Sensitivity is a distinguishing quality

2nd January 2019 at 11:56 am

We all grew up with a feeling that we need to hide our vulnerability. Most of our parents, unfortunately, were also in favor of the hiding. We let a few emotions like sensitivity, anger, jealousy never come up to the surface. Reason: When we are sensitive, people judge us for how deeply something can affect us. The world misinterprets this sensitivity as a sign of weakness. I have heard people mocking at someone’s incessant posts of philosophy and concluding that she/he was hurt and hence. But I stand with those posts and that person for mustering the guts to vent out to the world, instead of crying all alone when no one’s watching.

This is a story of my very close friend. Right from childhood, she was a sensitive girl. Born in a middle class Indian family, used to stay with parents and one elder sister. Elder sister was a bright student, topping the class every year and this girl was a decent student. But the Indian educational system does not let the non-toppers live peacefully. Every now and then, she was poked by the teachers and asked to learn from her elder sister.

Why don’t people understand that if all the five fingers of a hand cannot be same, how would the siblings born to same parents be similar. The little girl was sensitive about this and slowly the world forced her to jump into the sea of jealousy. She started behaving strange from the age of 10.

Guess what! To make it worse, parents started taking her to the old grandmas proclaiming to be the back magic specialists. Father use to beat the shit of the little girl with chappals, broom and what not, just because the old witch told him to do so. The little girl became adamant and that home has never been in peace for the last 15 years.

Did anyone try to understand what the girl wants?
Did the mother ever sit beside her and talk her heart out?
Did the father ever say to his daughter, “its ok if you don’t top the school?”
Did the elder sister ever praise the little girl for being so beautiful and a sports champion?
No!! never.

The little one even dared to gulp a bunch of medicines twice or thrice when she was 15 years old. Fortunate enough, she is still alive. She turned 25 this year and doing good with her job. Or is she still suffering inside for not being able to make it to top MNCs like her elder sister. Is she living her life or just existing? No one knows. No one. She has been suppressing her sensitivity for more than a decade now.

Dear World! It’s high time we change. It’s time to celebrate sensitivity. Trust me, it would make you do wonders. Remember the song that made you cry? It was written by a sensitive heart. Can you recollect the poem which made you feel alive? That was scribbled by a sensitive soul. Any famous speech by Swami Vivekananda or Martin Luther King that gave goosebumps to your skin? Those were burst out because of their sensitivity around the life-scenarios.

Dear Girl! Don’t shun away because someone called you sensitive. Make your sensitivity work for you instead of against you. Never let your feelings flutter away for the sake of others perception. Stop pretending like everything’s OK. At the same time, I have huge respect to those who don’t let their emotions crawl up because they find it of no use. This post is for you, yes YOU!! for whom everything carries weight in your eyes, but you dry it out for public. Don’t!!

Stop smothering your sensitivity.
Stop fretting about what people think. Instead, fret if you don’t speak the truth.

Your sensitivity would make you write more, love harder and stay connected in a real and vulnerable way to those who matter. Your sensitivity can make you establish the real human connections.

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“This post is for you, yes YOU!! for whom everything carries weight in your eyes, but you dry it out for public. Don’t!!”
Well said. Don’t do it out for public.
Being sensitive is not a mistake or doesn’t let you down.