Untold Stories of hardworking Single Moms – Savita Gupta

27th February 2019 at 8:00 am
Savita Gupta

“Hard days in life are difficult to forget but only difficult days make you grow and be a better person”. Savita Gupta, a single-parent, passionate learner, hardworking beautician and a joyful solo traveler is truly an inspiration to all the woman out there.

What inspired you to be a self-sustained woman?

I think time teaches you everything. My real journey of life started when I got divorced. It was a love marriage and I never thought we would get separated especially after two children. That was obviously a very tough phase of my life. I was shattered and I didn’t know how I was going to live the rest of my life without my husband. Those were rough days and I was having the responsibility of my children. My love for them was my driving force.

What do you consider your strength in this difficult period of time?

My children are my strength. Whenever I look at them, I want to work even harder for their better future. In 1994, I started my boutique in Bhopal after the divorce and have continued running it for 23 years. Earlier, I was never this devoted towards work but after the separation I realized how important it is to work. I always wanted to work to provide for my two children. They are my real strength in my life.

Wasn’t it difficult to work, study and look after children at the same time?

During my fashion course at NIFT, things became more difficult. Harday was around 2 years old and Harshi was 3. I was also running a salon simultaneously which was very important for us. So working, studying and earning that too with two growing children was definitely not an easy task.

How did you manage all these things?

It sure wasn’t easy. My day used to start from 4 AM and end at night. Both of my children were under-18 national boxers. So first at 6 am I used to go with them for the boxing training and then I drop them to school, then attend my classes, after that pick them and then start to work in my parlor.

How did you manage to give time to your children?

I never wanted them to feel the absence of their father. So I always tried to spend quality time with them. I never missed any parent-teacher meeting in their school. I worked in boutique only while they were in school or studying and always tried to be a part of all important things in their life.
Harday, my son is a big foodie so I always believe in giving them home cooked food. Honestly before Harday I know nothing about cooking. But after he was born I started learning cooking and now I give cooking classes from time to time. I don’t think a mother wants anything but to see her children happy. So I give them the mental support as much as I can.

What was the most difficult phase of your life?

In the year 2002, I thought of making my own house on a plot I owned. I sold out everything in Bhopal and built my house. That house was comparatively very big but my business was completely in loss. I never thought of it. Those were the darkest days in our lives. There were days when we didn’t have enough money to satisfy our hunger. I sold that house and we shifted to a smaller one. I started my boutique again. For 3 years I struggled with my business. But as they say ‘with time everything turns to be good’ our black clouds also flew away.

You are a solo traveler, when did you start solo traveling?

I love to travel since my childhood.When I was a child, my grandma and I visited several places in India. But after the divorce, it became difficult to travel. Responsibilities never let me fly for 10-15 years.  For every mother their children come first so I kept all my desires aside. But when they grew up and our situation became stable I started to travel again. I enjoy travelling alone; I visited cities like Mumbai, Goa, Odisha, Chandigarh and many more states in India. Recently, I visited Gopalpur Beach in Odisha. I must say Gopalpur has one of the cleanest and beautiful beaches in India.

You are a woman who loves to learn and work, what according to you is the most exemplary work you have done?

I think one of the best work I did in my life is starting my own NGO ‘Aparajita’. In our NGO we give training to girl children and ladies who couldn’t afford living. A friend of mine suggested me to start an NGO together. We started it in Bhopal. It is one of the best experiences in my life. I still get calls from the women in that NGO. Many of them are running their own parlor in Bhopal. Seeing somebody doing well in life because of you gives a different kind of peace to your heart.