Satwinder Setia – An inquisitive Indian Juggler

24th May 2016 at 7:09 am

Satwinder Setia’s passion demands hours of practice and concentration. Is he an artist or a writer? Well think again. His passion does not need costly equipment/investment yet keeps the creative juice flowing to make a person more collaborative and inquisitive. Still guessing?

           Satwinder is a professional juggler – one of the very few people who not only loves perfecting his art but also genuinely wants to invoke passion in people. Juggling is the art of continuously tossing and catching a number of objects often called props using one or many hands. He says, “The more you see, the more you fall in love with art”.

        An IIT Delhi graduate, who has more than 24 years of professional IT experience in India and USA, is on a mission to promote collaborative juggling in India through his start-up JugIndia.

          He envisions to set up India’s very own juggling association where people can have lots of fun while improving concentration and relieving stress. He has worked for Citibank, GE, Amazon, Accenture, Adecco and many more companies but has always squeezed in time to keep his passion alive.



When asked what motivated him to take up juggling, he said it all started when he saw the act of juggling in a circus in India and the passion got stronger in California, USA seeing a street juggler.

“I saw a guy juggling on the street and was fascinated by his act. When I showed interest in juggling, he directed me to a juggling and magic shop at a market in Palo Alto, California, which I visited that weekend. I was excited to see 30 different types of items for juggling there. It was so cool to see 15-20 kids and adults juggling together and some doing it on a unicycle behind the market”

          That moment onwards, Satwinder started frequenting the local juggling clubs there to practice regularly where he eventually made good friends. He used to practice 2-3 hours a day with 5 balls and started experimenting with patterns using rings and clubs.

“I bought books and balls to aid my new found passion and I was the only Indian there. I then became a member of IJA (International Jugglers Association)”.

The IJA organizes juggling festivals and conventions every year throughout the world. Juggling can involve a variety of objects such as coins, props, devil sticks and even challenging with diabolo, knives and even burning torches. Sounds like fun! Isn’t it?


Satwinder’s definition of success is profound yet simple.

“We are foolish enough to think that success is just money. Success is good health, peace of mind, a smile on your face, confidence and how many lives you have touched”

Stress Buster and Fun:

“It is a very good stress buster. Nowadays school kids especially the 8th and 9th graders are under tremendous stress and juggling would definitely help them alleviate tension and could provide a fun way to fall in love with mathematics. Numbers that they were once afraid of become interesting which improves thinking”.


Juggling can help kids develop better problem solving skills too when they are trained to solve a difficult juggling pattern into a manageable pattern. Satwinder has perfected quite some patterns over the years and believes that art can be taught right by example. He can now do some really cool things like juggling with a blindfold, behind the back pattern, 300-500 non-stop throws and many more. He says his unending desire to juggle has given him more satisfaction and fulfilment than money could ever give. Juggling can also be linked with meditation and relaxation to boost concentration levels in individuals.

Juggling as a sport:

Juggling is an anytime, anywhere collaborative sport that drives competition and team spirit. It can serve as a portable form of exercise, which lets you explore a completely new world of possibilities and learning.

            “You can discover what your body can do. It gives you good discipline and you can simply juggle whenever you are bored. I learnt a few patterns watching online tutorials and realized that thinking and hand movements are equally important for juggling”


Juggling is not a clown thing that belongs to the circus. It is an activity/hobby/passion that is gender neutral and suitable for people of all age groups. It has a good presence in developed nations and it is about time we get out of our comfort zones and discover ourselves.

           JugIndia works with a mission to raise the happiness index of our nation. It has conducted corporate sessions for many MNCs and schools. Mr Satwinder loves to meet offbeat people and teaches juggling to kids and adults alike at parks and events such as happy streets free of cost.


“We have copied so much from the Western world, juggling is one of the many good things that we need to copy too” – Satwinder Setia

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