Life in a Prism

30th November 2016 at 10:45 am

Isn’t it a beautiful sight to see a prism disperse white light into individual rainbow colored rays? We can surely distinguish the individual colors and rather we should. There is question that we need to ask ourselves. What is life? Who are we? we are the people but, who are “we, the people”? Are we the confused white light that is entering the prism or are we the happier colored light ray coming out of the prism?

          I would like to draw your attention to the comparison of our life to a prism. A prism cannot be made from wood, right? Wood is opaque, depicting a deal cell whereas glass is agile and so are people. Let me elaborate.

          Dharma signifies behavior that leads to the path of righteousness or the right way of living. Doing something worth of doing never needs justification. Failures should not be able to deter your confidence. Everybody fails every now and then. Nobody actually succeeds; it is the failure of others what makes the former looks successful.

          Being pessimistic is not the idea here, but being optimistic about something like death is no solution either. End is inevitable, but the idea of “wait and watch” is not an option. You can surely look at other’s prism (life) and enjoy their unfortunate circumstances. You may laugh at it but the prism keeps on changing time and place with Subject. You may be the next one inline.

          Wake up, Get up & Ride through the prism. You are uniquely defined only outside of your prism. On the inside, you always remain perplexed and other people don’t recognize that. We have to understand that life ought to be colorful and we have to make a consistent effort to discover what we are made for. Make new friends, break old relationships that are not worthy and make new ones. Let everything enter your prism only to come out in a unique and colorful way.

          There may be so many negative thoughts in your mind. But multiplying two negatives give a positive, isn’t it? Your prism may be shattered by circumstances unknown. But, will you just wait there and let that happen? Your job, work, friends, relationships, objects of desire, bank balances may help make your prism stronger but remember that your aim lies on the outside! It is the colors that come out of your prism that fill your life and defines you.

          Bear in mind that your prism is yours to make. Your prism may be full of emotions, friendship, dreams, successes and failures. The prism is and will remain active till you can run. When you cannot, it will be broken by “we,the people”. So who are the people? God has created them and will destroy them in his/her own way. Can they destroy your prism? Yes, they can! They are doing it by choking your thoughts and that is what is meant by breaking of the glass.You have to continue to be in the prism to be yourself.

Defy conventions, defy speculations ,defy generalizations. Be unique, be yourself!

It’s your life, your prism!