Helpless, unsafe and violated

2nd April 2017 at 12:57 pm

I had never felt so helpless, unsafe and violated.

8th March, 2017:
#women’sday, #NoWomen’sday etc.…etc.… Many such hash-tags were trending on this day. Many videos, posts and memes on women and our strengths were shared and liked. I was beginning to think that I had finally become a part of a progressive world where women are treated as equals without fanfare. How naive of me.

9th March, 2017:
At 9:00 PM, I was returning home from work and was waiting at the traffic signal near my home to cross the road. I had crossed this place a gazillion times in the last 13 years of my life very comfortably. However, today was different! Some random guy had the audacity to stop his motorbike right in front of me, carefully remove his helmet and make lewd kissing sounds and gestures at me. What could I do other than shout behind him while he sped away with a triumphant laugh. I had never felt so helpless, unsafe and violated.

Not that it matters but to be very clear “I was wearing the society approved safe dress – the “SALWAR KAMEEZ” and that too with a “DUPATTA”. Mind you the dupatta was not just dangling around my neck but was covering all the provocative things that it was supposed to cover”. Did it protect me? HELL NO. Then, what’s the point in blaming us women and our clothes?

10th March, 2017:
After a night, I almost forgot about the incident until I walked past the same place on my way to work. That was when I realized that we have become immune to such incidents to a point where they just annoy us for a while.

This is not a sole incident, just a recent one. I can narrate many, many more. YES! I don’t forget, actually I can’t forget. I just choose to push them to the least used parts of my brain. They stay there until such incidents bring them back into focus. But the question that always stays with me is, what can be done to stop such incidents from reoccurring to any woman in the world. I haven’t found a concrete solution yet. Please let me know if you have one. I just want them to STOP.

Shruti Panda

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A Random Citizen

Many women don’t raise their voice against such issues, especially when they themselves are the victims. Appreciate that you voiced your opinion.