Going blind, A New Trend?

22nd November 2015 at 4:43 pm

Wearing Sunglasses just to protect our eyes from UV radiation is a thing of the past.  Sunglasses are worn for various reasons today. With selfies dominating the social media and dark circles getting darker due to insomnia, hiding them with shades makes sense.

          Though wearing dark glasses while driving on a bright day is common, some wear them for medical reasons or just because they look great with certain outfits. Nowadays, sunglasses have big brand logos on them which are considered accessories to help make a fashion statement or as status symbols.

          That being said, a section of people tend to go overboard and prefer wearing them everywhere. Be it, the gloomy interiors of a museum or a busy street market with poor lighting. Wearing glasses in places of historical importance is like seeing a visually enthralling color movie in black and white. Why visit a museum when you are more interested in looking cool and clicking pictures than admiring the artifacts? It is a disaster waiting to happen indoors where you could trip over something and fall.

          The sense of vision is a great gift that gives us a view of the world that no camera can capture, at least for now. I can recall an instance where a street vendor said “Chasma nikal ke dekho madam” when a lady wearing sunglasses was arguing regarding the color of a cloth in a poorly lit flee market.

          Thanks to digital cameras that can store Gigabytes of data, clicking photographs dominates our trips than spending time admiring breathtaking views that nature has to offer. On one hand, there are visually impaired people wondering how the world would look like, and on the other hand, there are people who have the opportunity but choose to shade their view.  If looking good on a social networking site is what we want, there are unlimited number of filters available online to make you look no less than a supermodel.

          In a nutshell, experiencing and enjoying the true beauty of anything with our highly capable sense of vision requires patience and observation. Don’t let images or shades become an obsession. No camera can capture the true essence of life than the naked eye.