Most Misunderstood and Misused ‘F’ words – Femininity and Feminism!

30th January 2019 at 8:00 am

While we constantly hear stories of women suffering in a patriarchal society, undeniably, there are men on the other hand who are stuck in matrimonial quarrels due to alleged misuse of laws. Fathers are not able to meet their kids, husbands are constantly threatened for money, families tortured, failed marriages, and divorces seem to be a long-running challenge. Are women really misusing the laws?

For a moment, as an individual with a neutral perspective – neither a feminazi nor an anti-feminist – I won’t drill into the whole matter about what is.

But, the whole wave of contemporary feminism has blown out of proportions. So, let me first state everything I think it isn’t.

The sassy section of society has a completely inapt notion about feminism. Women have started demanding everything in the name of feminism. Feminism is not about having the girls section painted in pink, or not having to shave your arms, or not devising to be an epitome of beauty, or wearing high heels. These are the concerns of modern women who have misconstrued and misplaced the term, probably placed to a different level altogether.

The term ‘feminism’ in most dictionaries has been defined as a political movement to gain gender justice. The claims for equality and gender-specific justice have been articulated and recorded since the 1790s. However, what’s still not understood is exactly how walking naked or burning clothes on the roads would earn equality? By performing such actions of vehemence, we’re going against nature instead of getting closer to feminism.

Apparently, there are also modern feminists pressing women to not let the man pay for them. There have been instances where men have offended women by pulling a chair or holding the door open. On the other hand, men look at women as beautiful creatures to be pampered and taken care of. I can expect a man to be chivalrous and still be pretty much neutral, a feminazi, or an anti-feminist.


What started as a movement for securing equal rights for women, Feminism has seamlessly shifted its significance and has now become a mere tool to harass men, draw undue favors, spread ingrained prejudice against men, and fulfill irrational demands in the name of women equality. The term has now become synonymous to ‘authoritarianism’ where new age feminazi’s are imposing hypocrisy and promoting definitions of right and wrong that are majorly self-dictated.

Other side of the coin

There exist a lot of lies about what feminism is and what isn’t. A lot of men’s rights activists deliberately spread false information, a lot of clueless women join the movement just so they can get some male approval, and a lot of celebrities refrain from involving themselves due to the fear of facing backlashes from bigots.

None of these issues will solve just by having different names or activities parading around. The primary concern isn’t about not being worried for male rape victims. Feminists do care. But the idea is to focus on the male rape victim and not to parade around that issue to undermine feminism. The core concern is not about feminism getting radicalized; feminism never got radicalized, but the attempt to barely get mainstream.

How the concept of feminism rose

All things considered, amidst the era of our great grandparents and a generation younger, child marriage was the most pressing issue. So men and women were married at the bare age of 8 and 10 and were advised to extend their family at a very tender age. Women were more often deprived of their basic rights, like stepping out of the house, or pursuing education, or putting forth her opinion. Looking back into those days, inequality did exist, but that was so because people weren’t exposed to the outside world, and men weren’t too educated either. And hence, their ideology was confined.

Indeed, with time, things evidently began changing, and here’s where the issue began, or so that’s how I see it, the more well-read generation stalled out to where they were, and denied proceeding forward. The older generation refused to move forward and started imposing the same conditions to the generation ahead of them, and well the current generation began questioning everything. Here’s when women got more affected than men.

Wholly Misinterpreted

Women’s rights are not AGAINST THE PEOPLE, but AGAINST THE WRONG DEEDS MEN DO and the repercussions that WOMEN FACE. Society needs to accept the fact that women are no longer going to endure being submissive and treated not equivalent to men. Once again, women are not AGAINST men, women are AGAINST the society and its orthodox thinking that treats women unequally.

Wholly Misused

Feminism has granted certain powers and women have got addicted to its taste. There are several cases where feminism has been misused to an extent that innocent men have had to face dire consequences. There are quite a few laws that state that if a woman accuses a man of harassing her, then the man has to handle his case and prove himself innocent. Marriages are deteriorating over the years; relationships are turning into bitter wars, and the power struggle continues for men to woo their women for something wrong said or done.

Take Away – Let’s end gender stereotyping!

Let’s remember that feminism is about demanding equal rights, not above men, neither an inch below. Women deserve the same opportunities in life, and so, let’s strive for that day when the term “feminism” is no longer required to achieve a position that talks about walking shoulder to shoulder with our heads held high! According to Aishwarya Iyer, a journalist by profession, “Sometimes women do boast about ‘oh men are always wrong.’ But, we must understand that men and women should co-exist. That’s what the universe is all about – striking a balance? The scenario of misusing feminism will change only when women and men think alike. I believe that women are completely self-sufficient, men need to be taught that women are not the second gender.”