Being Tall…. NOT that easy!

17th January 2016 at 7:40 pm

Did you know that the height of a person changes over the course of a day? It happens due to the compression of intervertebral discs caused by the pull of gravity during the day. The pressure is relieved off your spine when you are sleeping causing expansion and change in height.

          Nowadays, the internet has several articles about how tall guys are seen as powerful, attractive, healthy individuals and blah blah blah. I would for a change like to share some common difficulties that we face in our daily lives for being tall. I am a 6.1ft tall Indian and no matter what place I visit, the beds are always a bit shorter. It becomes so uncomfortable to sleep with your feet hanging in the air and having to make a choice between covering either your face or feet with an undersized blanket on a cold night. My home is the only place where the size is right.

          I was travelling by train (Indian Railways) and sleeping on the middle berth with my head facing the window and woke up to the voice of a tea seller in the morning. All I did was stretching my legs and I hear “chaiyeeeee, chai, chai, chayeeeukkkk”. You guessed it right! The poor tea vendor had to taste my feet early in the morning. The guy could see that I was visibly embarrassed and he accepted my apology. What a great way to start a day for both of us!

          The mirrors in bathrooms are placed a bit low so I always have to bend down or step back to do anything that involves looking in the mirror. The shower head is low too. So a nice shower standing straight or relaxing in a standard bathtub becomes impossible. Even the toilets are awkwardly small at places. Every time I go to my home town I end up getting bumped on the forehead thanks to low door frames and low staircases.

          On the other hand, I think the guys who design public transport choose to eliminate the case of people who are 6 ft. and taller. The legroom is very cramped in public buses, city cars and even airplanes. It is hard to even stand during transit with the support handles hitting your face in public buses and local trains. There is always someone who manages to stamp my feet in movie theatres thanks to such huge legroom. Anything from changing bulbs, cleaning ceilings to getting things off the attic, I become the default ladder at home.

Yes, we can help people put their luggage in the right place in public buses and trains but C’mon! We are tall doesn’t mean we are Olympic weight lifters too (Indian way of packing luggage I tell you – “Don’t judge the weight of a bag by its appearance”). I even hurt my back trying to do this on one occasion.

          Another annoying problem we face is finding the right fit in clothes and shoes. In most of the showrooms/shops I visit for buying shoes, I get an answer that size 10 is the maximum and they have shoes matching my size only in costly brands that too just 2 or 3 models. In short the shoes choose me. Unfair isn’t it? My foot size is a comfortable 12 and given my Bigfoot (Indian standards) feet socks don’t fit well either. Coming to clothing, I do not get to buy all my favourite clothes because 3 in 5 times, the sleeves are shorter than the length of my hands and trousers are a bit short. Buying clothes online is so confusing with size charts varying for different brands.

I have always been pushed back! By back I mean starting from being forced to be the backbencher in school and college to group photographs. The photographer is my enemy. I am always the guy at the back. No one wants to stand next to you because they say you make them look short. Facepalm!

At pools with friends: Dude, teach me how to swim! Save me from drowning (Doesn’t matter if i know to swim or not because the pool’s maximum depth is 6ft here)

At theme parks: Sorry! The ride is not suitable for your height and weight.

Random people I meet: Do you play basketball (For one last time NO!).

Colleagues: Man! you keep growing taller!

Stoned friends of friends: How tall are you? You must be popular with the ladies (I wish)

Some People: What is it like being tall?

          In a nutshell, if you ask me if being tall is good or bad? Hope you got your answer.

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AWesome rohit…Superb….