My Life, My Job, My Career: What you can learn from Babita Saxena

24th October 2018 at 7:46 am

“If somebody is passionate towards their dream; take a step, hold their hand and support them at each step” said a real-life inspiration Mrs. Babita Saxena. Babita runs her own Beauty Parlour in Dwarka, West Delhi and her journey towards her dream to open a Parlour will fill your heart with enthusiasm.

Babita Saxena was a final year student when she decided to open her own Beauty Salon. In 1994, she watched a Bollywood film, from where she got to know about this career option. The thought of being her own boss fascinated her. She told her mother about her curiosity to pursue a beautician training course. When her mother told Babita’s father about her dream, he told Babita to focus on her studies. He further added that a Parlour job is not a respectable job in the society, and that she should stop dreaming about it.

But Babita had already made up her mind. Her father’s ‘NO’ wasn’t a full stop to her journey. Her undeterred passion convinced her mother to let her take the Parlour lessons and step forward towards her dream. She joined as an intern at a Beauty Salon along with her friend. Babita’s father was a very strict person. To pursue something without his permission was like an invitation to problems. However, Babita was more concerned about her future and her goals.

Babita Saxena used to go to college in the morning and come back by 1 PM. Then at 2 PM she used to go to the salon and come back at 6:30 in the evening. Even after this hectic schedule, she used to help her mother with the household chores.

After a few months as an intern, Babita decided to learn better techniques at a reputed Beauty Salon. The owner of that parlour told her that it will cost her ₹10,000 for the course. As Babita’s father didn’t know about her beauty course, she could not ask her father for money. Moreover, she did not want to stress her father more as they were a family of 8 brothers and sisters who were studying as well. Hence, in order to pay for her classes, she started offering English tuition in the morning from 6 AM to 8 AM.

Babita shared with me, how she used to hide her Parlour uniform from her father and change her clothes in the parlour only. Her mother was aware of the fact that she needs to wear a skirt and shirt in the parlour. This game of hide and seek continued for a year. Then one day, when she was going back home from the parlour, her father caught her. At first, she got frightened but then she told her father the truth. She asked her father to come along and meet her salon teacher. He agreed. Babita’s salon was in the Oberoi hotel seeing which her father became happy and proud. He allowed Babita to continue her salon course.

After a while, her marriage got fixed. Babita told her fiancé that she will marry him only if he promises to open a beauty salon for her. Her fiancé agreed to her demand and helped her set up a parlour after 6 months. She balanced the house and her parlour very well.


She finishes household chores in the morning and then leaves for the salon. In the evening she comes back and cooks dinner. Even after her first child was born, Babita didn’t shut shop. Her mother-in-law used to take care of her baby. Now Babita has 2 children. Besides being an aspiring woman, Babita is a caring wife, a responsible daughter-in-law and a great mother. It is magnificent how she manages her home and her dream perfectly.

Babita Saxena says that it couldn’t be possible without the support of her mother, father, husband and her in-laws.

Her dedication and her passion to be self-dependent helped her overcome all the hurdles on her way. She says that it is important to have somebody who believes in you and in your dreams, then only you can achieve what you want.

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It must have been tough for a woman to convince her father to allow her to pursue a beautician course. People were quite conservative in the 90s. A Supporting family can help you do wonders in life!