“Are Film Celebrities the Shapers of next generation?”

24th January 2016 at 2:56 pm

I don’t understand why people exaggerate and expect a lot when it comes to celebrities, especially when considering film stars. After all, they are just actors on the screen aren’t they? The sole purpose of actors is to keep us entertained [The field that they are very good at] and we in return appreciate their work in the form of whistles, claps and of course paying money. Thats more than enough I guess.

          I don’t find any genuine reason for these actors to become someone’s role model. At least most of them I have heard are utter bullshit! How can a person get so influenced by a fake character on the screen? The irony is that, people’s love towards celebrities has reached a threshold where they want to look like them, imitate them, dress like them without even knowing that they are in this very process forgetting who they truly are. The sad part in this phase is people are actually losing their uniqueness and original identity.

          I am equally clueless as to why people over react for a given celebrity’s ignorance. Rampant Trolling of Alia Bhatt or Anushka Sharma are classic examples. There is no need for them to be good at general knowledge in order to excel in the glamour industry. It is very similar to expect your friend to write down Maxwell equations on paper even though he/she is just a normal engineering graduate like any one of us. Every one has their own boundaries of knowledge which is relative to one another.

          Many people nowadays are interested in finding flaws in personal lives of these poor celebrities. Thanks to TRP hungry News Channels and Headline making print media nothing is private anymore. It is important to understand there is no rule for any celebrity to maintain an ideal personality. What I feel is everyone has the right to mould his/her own personal life according to one’s interests. People should really tone down their obsession with celebrities. They are just actors, not teachers or scientists or politicians etc. They don’t control the world.

          You can’t give an oscar award to a cricketer, similarly you can’t give an olympic medal to an actor. In my view each and every person on this planet should be given importance on the basis of what they are truly capable of in their respective fields. If you want to purchase any product in the market, just go for it if you like it, but not because the product is endorsed by XYZ.

          The most important thing in any person is original identity. The moment you try to become some one else, you loose your inherent uniqueness and you join the herd and become a part of the crowd. You simply go from something to nothing.

You have history full of scientists, philosophers, visionaries, biologists, engineers……. the choices are unlimited. I don’t ask you to NOT follow celebrities. I request that though people can have lots of love on celebrities, it should ideally be only in the spectrum of entertainment.

Choose your heroes for their virtues and talent, not for their appearances“.