A take on ‘Contemporary’ Indian Communist’s

22nd January 2016 at 12:23 am

Contemporary‘ Indian Communists are the biggest bigots I’ve seen till now. Communist’s alone are blessed with a modest level of hypocrisy in criticizing a terrorist attack initially and later the judiciary when it imposes a capital punishment.

          The typical day of these ‘Preachers of democracy’ begins and ends with criticizing the ‘Ruling’ Govt. and the RSS (No matter what’s the context). While these sanctimonious saints love to remain silent over incidents such as ‘Malda’ violence, growing radicalism of youth towards ISIS, Bangladeshi immigrants into West Bengal, continuous killing of opposition leaders in Kerala, they do not give a second thought when politicizing every minute event against the other governments.

          CPI(M) General Secretary Seetaram Yechury visited HCU campus and I quote his own words “Higher education is being doctored to suit the idea of the RSS in a ‘fascistic’ Hindu Raj where Indian history is being sought to be replaced by Hindu mythology”. Couldn’t he find a better place for his politics? Why so much hatred against Hinduism?

          What’s the logic behind protesting against the Investments, Nuclear and Thermal power plants, Irrigation and Hydro Projects, Industrialization, Labor reforms and there by development, employment in a fast paced globalized world etc. Doesn’t it strike ‘them’ why 24*7 electricity is still a distant dream in our country?

          The ‘present‘ Communists have also utterly failed in retaining their ‘power’ and strengthening their cadre despite the goodwill of the early Communists of Independence era. I remember reading that only about 32 new members joined the communist parties all over India last year (not sure of the number but i bet it is a minute fraction). As of 2013, the total memberships of CPI(M) officially stand at 10,65,406. While BJP, which is younger by 6 decades rose to a whooping membership of 10 crores!

          Watch any meeting or celebration of CPI/CPM over TV and even a 100 ‘youth’ won’t turn up these days. President Pranab Mukherjee during his tenure as Finance Minister has once said, “It would take 250 more years for communists to come into power”! It isn’t even a slightest exaggeration.

          Sorry Communists… You have to change your ways or else you will perish faster than you can imagine… I pity you.

On a lighter note, my Grandfather was(is) an ardent communist and my dad served and played an active part in its ‘youth’ politics. My Dad even got a full shirt stitched in ‘Red’!