5 Myths that Indians should do away with

4th April 2016 at 10:15 am

We feel that there are certain myths that all of us Indians should do away with.

UNESCO declared Indian national anthem as the best in the world

Millions of Indians have fallen prey to a hoax/rumour that UNESCO had declared The Indian National Anthem as the best in the world. We can’t believe that even today this message is a viral forward message on social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook.

Homosexuality is a Disease/Sin

An average Indian today suffers from Homophobia. Our ancient text of Kamasutra and sculptures/monuments in Khajuraho Temples speak otherwise.  Homosexuality is not considered a religious sin in Hinduism. The Indian perception and attitude towards the LGBT community has to change. Is it not logical that the LGBT community should have the freedom to make a choice without any fear of social boycott and embarrassment?

It is not good to deliver a child during an eclipse

Till date, there are a majority of even educated people who believe that a pregnant woman should not go outside, eat or drink during an eclipse due to a popular myth that the baby would be deformed because of the eclipse. This superstition has to come to an end.

Hindi is India’s National Language

There is no provision or order that declares Hindi as a National Language in India. Hindi was only declared as an official language in the Constitution (Article 343). The Eight Schedule of the Indian constitution lists 22 official languages of which Hindi is the official language of the Union of India.

Diabetes can only occur in old age

People believe that eating more sugar causes diabetes but the fact is – diabetes related risk factors may be lifestyle, diet, genetic susceptibility, obesity, insulin resistance and many more. It is a myth that diabetes comes with old age. Even children suffer from diabetes. 

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